FELD studio closed its doors officially in 2022. However, this website remains online as an archive.

Kinetic Rain

A Contemplative Experience for a Busy Transit Space


Changi Airport / Art+Com





Kinetic Rain is a kinetic sculpture made for Terminal 1 at Singapore’s Changi Airport and designed by Art+Com Studios. 1216 actuated drops move in a choreographed dialogue to bring a contemplative element to this busy airport. Depending on the viewer’s perspective, the experience of the computer-designed movement changes dramatically.


Computational Motion Design | Authoring


Art+Com Studios

Airports are lively transit spaces that present peculiar challenges for any kind of spatial intervention. Kinetic Rain both mirrors the constant activity of this restless place and introduces a more quiet, lighter moment that contrasts with its busyness.


Referencing flying and the natural elements, the sculpture’s fluid movements encourage visitors to enjoy moments of absorption and wonder in an otherwise functional space.

Installed above the central elevators of the departure hall, the sculpture covers an area of more than 75 square meters and can be observed from above, below and all sides. Depending on perspective, the raindrops’ choreography – moving through abstract and figurative three-dimensional forms – provides entirely different experiences.

Kinetic Rain consists of two elements: 608 drops each are connected to individual computer-controlled motors that raise and lower them with astonishing precision. The two parts can move in unison, mirror, complement or follow each other.

FELD developed several tools to computationally generate movement patterns as well as ways to transfer manually authored sequences to the sculpture – blending everything into one consistent and fluent whole.