FELD is a design company passionate about uniting the physical and the digital to find new ways of communicating stories and creating experiences.

We are specialists in combining the creative potential of new technologies with the advantages of established media formats. Our versatility enables us to realize projects across a wide range of domains.

Selected projects

From concept to execution, we are dedicated to an interdisciplinary work process that combines conceptual with practical skills.

  • Planning and Strategy
  • Design and Content
  • Production and Development
  • Management and Operations

Whether you are a cutting-edge tech company, a cultural institution, an architectural firm, a research organization, a record label or something else entirely – let’s work together!

Who we are

An open, collaborative design process is at the heart of FELD. At our Berlin studio, everyone contributes their ideas – independent of specialty and project phase.

How we work

Close communication and a multidisciplinary design process are our strengths: discover the FELD building blocks for successful cooperation with our clients.