FELD studio closed its doors officially in 2022. However, this website remains online as an archive.


The Materialization of Sound


Manners McDade



This exclusive book series captures the essence of Nils Frahm’s piano pieces in print. Accompanied by selected artworks and illustrations, the sheet music to the musician’s favorite titles is presented in two elegant volumes.

Project Phases:

Concept | Design | Production


Art Direction | Editorial Design | Content Coordination | Production Controlling

How do you transport music – this universal but fleeting form of communication – into another medium?


While providing music lovers with the chance to recreate their most beloved Nils Frahm pieces at home, both SHEETS books offer more than notes on paper: a personal and sensory journey into the musician’s universe.

“A visually elegant, beautifully constructed, and tactually pleasurable whole,” as Nils says.

SHEETS EINS features a selection of photographs from visual artist Stuart Bailes, who creates evocative nocturnal narratives using studio lights and stage-like settings, as well as illustrated instructions by Paul Paetzel on how to modify your piano to achieve Nils’ signature sound.

Photographer Klaus Frahm collaborated with his son to provide the artwork for SHEETS ZWEI. A meditation on structure and improvisation, the impressionistic series of photographs guide the reader through an intimate musical landscape. Illustrated instructions for recreating the sound of Nils’ Una Corde piano complete the book.

Both SHEETS volumes are deluxe artifacts designed and crafted with care and dedication. Published by Manners McDade and distributed by Faber Music, they are available in selected music shops and online stores worldwide.