FELD studio closed its doors officially in 2022. However, this website remains online as an archive.

The Pigmentpol Hexagon

A Dynamic Visual Identity System




Dresden | Germany



Created for Pigmentpol, a growing digital printing company, this innovative identity system embodies a variety of perspectives, experiences and possibilities. A custom software application enables the creation of a flexible but consistent corporate media appearance.

Project Phases:

Strategy | Concept | Design | Execution


Branding | Digital Strategy Consulting | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Interface and UX Design | Software Development


ATMO design studio

Offering much more than a static corporate identity, this creative toolset represents a strategy of customization and flexibility for an ambitious printery. While preserving a recognizable appearance for several Pigmentpol subsidiaries, the Hexagon – like its inspiration, the circle in color theory – allows for limitless variation and delicate gradation.

From the hexagon as a key visual element, any number of generated logos and backgrounds can be derived. All products or services – from stationery to shop interiors and vehicles – acquire a personalized aesthetic.

The generative design app follows a certain rule set and color scheme while granting control and choice to the designers working within its general framework.