FELD studio closed its doors officially in 2022. However, this website remains online as an archive.


Exploring the Forces of Nature With All Senses


Various Locations | Europe



KRÄFTE is a traveling exhibition centered around phenomena of natural forces which visitors can experience in a direct physical way. A series of installations, each work stimulates a unique feel of elemental power and energy in which the acting forces and their causalities gain their own dramaturgy.

Project Phases:

Concept | Planning | Design | Realization | Operation


Concept Development | Exhibition Design | Mechatronic Engineering | Art Direction | Production Controlling | On-Site Coordination | Maintenance

How can you stage physical phenomena in a way that creates an unexpected and immediate experience for the audience?

Through a series of experimental exhibits, KRÄFTE explores the encounter between force and matter, between destruction and creation, between energy and human perception. Each exhibit addresses a different force or phenomenon – from light and psycho-optical illusions to electrical sparks and the metamorphic power of heat.


By letting visitors observe an unrepeatable transformative process rather than a concrete result, the exhibition includes the audience in its storytelling and acquires a performative character.

Psycho-Optical Turbine

Psycho-Optical Turbine


A large industrial turbine lit from behind “cuts” the light with its rotation and creates optical patterns and superpositions that transport the viewer into a different state of perception. Even with one’s eyes closed, this provokes strong and perplexing psycho-optical effects that are amplified through the wind and heat produced by the fan and light source.




This exhibit explores the impact of heat and salt water on strong metal plates. Through the exposure to natural forces, the seemingly sturdy material becomes an artifact that changes over time, a transformation the audience can observe in an intense sensory experience: hearing the leaking gas, feeling the heat and seeing the glowing metal change.




Flash follows a rhythmic choreography of energy, destruction and new beginning. The machine stretches a wire while it builds up electric tension, which, when released, destroys the wire in a mesmerizing flash of light. This process repeats again and again, each piece of wire literally dissolving into thin air – setting up a powerful suspense curve for the audience.




This immersive kinetic installation explores the conflicting forces of uplift and gravitation. Moving along steel cables spanning the entire height of the room, illuminated objects are propelled up and down at varying speeds. The interaction of movements – rising, falling, hovering, standstill – creates hypnotic sound and light effects that transform the spectators’ spatial perception.

First shown at the art gallery 22presents in Prague in 2012, KRÄFTE has been exhibited at different venues. As an ongoing project, the original exhibition concept and theme have been expanded through large-scale spatial installations like Gravity and LOADS.