Berlin - DE



GRAVITY explores the conflicting forces of reluctant uplift and gravitational pull, of acceleration and inertia. Moving vertically along steel cables spanning the entire height of the room, independently elevated agents present an ongoing interplay of thrust and gravity which is intermitted by phases of steady hovering and standstill. Each illuminated object is propelled up and down at varying speeds; the interaction of these movements creates a whirring sound and hypnotic light effect. The immersive installation thus transforms its surroundings into an otherworldly space which alters the spectators’ physical perception – conveying a fascinating and disorientating sense of altering gravities and forces. Designed originally for the Berlin Atonal 2017 festival, GRAVITY is a large-scale continuation of the KRÄFTE series. Its modular structure as well as an adjustable choreography allow it to be adapted to different environments. GRAVITY was first presented in the Kraftwerk entrance hall during Berlin Atonal 2017 from 16 – 20 August.


[ "Spatial Scenography and Exhibition Interior Design", "Interactive Environments", "Production Management and Control", "System Development", "System Integration", "Prototyping" ]