FELD studio closed its doors officially in 2022. However, this website remains online as an archive.

SEDRIC Interface Scenarios

Personalized Human-Machine Communication for Driverless Cars




June 2018

Designed for SEDRIC, the driverless Volkswagen concept car, these interface scenarios envision what the future of autonomous transportation could look and feel like.

To build trust in autonomous systems, the interaction and communication between humans and machines will have to be personalized, transparent and intuitive.

Project Phases:

Strategy | Concept | Design


Research | Interface and UX Design | Prototyping | Media Production

Photos: Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

The interface scenarios are inspired by real human-machine conversations and imagine a future in which driverless cars are a part of every-day life.

SEDRIC’s interface is a practical application of insights gained in the Empathic Futures experiment, a collaboration with the Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe. The experiment explored the future of human-machine relationships by looking at the way people communicate with and build trust in intelligent machines.


Based on this, different scenarios for SEDRIC illustrate diverse use cases that require an adaptable interface and stimulate varying forms of interaction.

Five every-day scenarios that showcase characters diverse in background, nationality, age and profession – from a father sending his children to school or a doctor making house calls to an elderly woman on the way to see her relatives – emphasize different forms of interaction and highlight accessibility and trust as key aspects. The journeys of the individual passengers demonstrate a broad range of use cases for personalized interfaces.

Depending on the user’s specific needs, the features of SEDRIC’s interface change. For the children, it provides visual entertainment, for the doctor confidential phone calls to her patients, for the grandmother a zoom for her bad eyesight, and so forth – all features emerging naturally out of the communication between human and machine, without a menu to read or a button to press.

The SEDRIC interface scenarios were first exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for their show The Future Starts Now. Visitors had the opportunity to enter the SEDRIC cabin and experience an immersive, audio-visual journey through London in a driverless future.