FELD studio closed its doors officially in 2022. However, this website remains online as an archive.

Our team is composed of talented thinkers and makers who enjoy working across disciplines.

We believe in a collaborative design process that combines conceptual with practical skills – independent of specialty and project phase, everyone contributes their ideas. Our shared goal to unite the creative possibilities of the digital age with traditional design disciplines is firmly anchored in a distinct and refined FELD aesthetic.

In addition to the core team, we work closely with a network of trustworthy local and international contractors, studios and freelancers to realize projects efficiently and to the highest standards – from small to big, in all stages and on all continents.


FELD’s services range from consulting, concept evolution and design to the planning, development and successful realization and operation of projects.

Planning and Strategy:

  • Market analysis

  • Concept creation

  • Business planning and operating projections

  • Budgeting

  • Site evaluations

  • Digital strategy consulting

  • Customer journey mapping

Design and Content:

  • Research

  • Content and script development

  • Art direction and graphic design

  • Exhibition design

  • Experience and brand design

  • Interaction and information design

  • Industrial and interior design

  • Drafting and drawings

  • Service and UX Design

Production and Development:

  • Prototyping and material sampling

  • Audio-visual and multimedia production

  • Fabrication

  • Software, electronic & mechanical engineering

  • System development and integration

  • 3D renderings and animations

  • Installation

Management and Operations:

  • Project management

  • Architectural coordination

  • Production controlling and management

  • Tender management

  • Testing and quality control

  • Operations and maintenance


Located in the creative center of Berlin, our studio comprises flexible office and workshop spaces as well as in-house prototyping and production facilities.

From speculative design experiments to copywriting techniques to new trends in digital fabrication – exchanging knowledge is an important part of the studio’s approach and practice. We frequently host workshops and meet-ups on design- and technology-relevant topics.